Screenshot (light theme)

Emacs-IDE windows layout with eide-light color theme

Emacs-IDE (eide) is a package for Emacs that provides IDE features (Integrated Development Environment).

Although most of these features are already available in Emacs, the purpose of this package is to integrate them into a user-friendly interface, with dedicated windows (source files, menu, and ouput), convenient keyboard shortcuts, and project management.

It is suitable for almost all languages (as long as they are supported by Ctags). Cscope provides additional browsing facility for C/C++ files.


Windows layout

Emacs-IDE uses dedicated windows for specific content:

Workspaces and projects

A workspace is a collection of projects.

A project is defined by its root directory. When you create a project, tags and cscope list of files (if any C/C++ file) are built for the whole source tree. In project configuration, you can define commands for compilation, execution, and debug. The list of open files is saved on exit and restored when you open the project again.

F1-F12 keys provide shortcuts for search (tags, cscope, and grep), compilation, and execution. These shorcuts can be customized or just disabled.

You can create filters to exclude files and directories for all search functions (tags, cscope, and grep).

Color themes

Emacs-IDE provides two color themes (eide-dark and eide-light).


License: GPLv3 or later

Programming language: Emacs Lisp

Dependencies: Emacs, Ctags, Cscope.

Supported OS: GNU/Linux